Upstream Exploration

Detailed exploratory surveys are conducted adhering to specific provincial government legislation including stakeholder requirements. The Precision Geomatics team has the extensive expertise and experience to provide a turn-key service to meet all regulatory requirements in the development of oil and gas resources.

We provide all the necessary documentation and plan data to aid in initial land consultation, drilling and completions thru to final environmental reclamation returning the lands to their natural state.

Wellsite Surveys

PGI Wellsite plans contain all the information needed to acquire a surface lease or disposition providing details to the Energy Regulators to successfully process an application for drilling. Precision Geomatics has widespread involvement in all aspects of this process for either a single well or multi-well pad project for our customers.

Pipelines & Access Roads

Survey & mapping plans identify pipeline and access routes used to obtain landowner approval for right-of-way registration. This provides critical documentation for construction activities including crossings of all foreign facilities and licensing information.

*Please see our Midstream Services for a complete list of our pipeline capabilities.

Products & Services

Wellsite Plans

  • Consultations Notification plans

Surface Leases

Pipeline ROW & Construction Plans

  •  IOP’s, Crossings, Profiles

Public Lands

  • Dispositions plans (Sketch, LiDAR, Survey & Hybrid Cadastre)
  • As-built plans

Facility As-built & Construction

Mapping & GIS Integration

Underground Line locating

Our experienced and well trained survey crews ensure that all pipelines, power lines and buried facilities are properly identified so you can proceed with your project without delays. We employ individuals with the latest in line locating equipment and ground disturbance training.

Precision Geomatics is a member of the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC).

Emergency Response & Notification Plans

Showing residences and surface developments within the project area enables effective emergency response planning & provides key safety information for our client’s projects.

Notification plans are used to identify land owners; providing them updated information regarding revisions to sites and regulatory status updates.

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