Precision Geomatics has the experience and capability to complete a variety of surveys required by commercial developers, businesses and private landowners. PGI has completed numerous projects for various municipalities and counties throughout Alberta.

  • Real Property Reports
  • Subdivisions (Plan of Survey, Tentative & Descriptive plans)
  • Site surveys, grading certificates & Plot Plans
  • Legal right-of-way surveys & Road widenings
  • Mineral leases (SML’s)
  • Property boundary staking

Real Property Report

Required for municipal compliance, this is a legal document clearly outlining the location of significant visible improvements relative to legal property boundaries. It includes a written statement detailing the surveyor’s opinions or concerns and can be relied upon by the buyer as an accurate representation of the property’s current state and its’ improvements. Precision has extensive experience in both commercial and residential Real Property Reports (RPR).



Subdivision is the dividing of a single land into two or more parcels, each to be given a separate title. Subdivision is also used for existing lot line adjustments. Notwithstanding a few exceptional circumstances, subdivision approval and endorsement by the local municipality must always be received before a subdivision can be registered with the Land Titles Office, and titles are issued.


Mineral Leases

Required to grant the exclusive right to develop and mine Government owned metallic and industrial minerals in a specified location. We assist clients to attain mineral leases by preparing survey plans for applications on Crown Land.