Construction surveys of all types are completed regularly by our staff to support energy, industrial and commercial client’s needs. We work closely with our customers as well as supporting the engineering team and prime contractors to facilitate distribution of all updated plan & design changes.

Facility Construction

Precision has widespread experience working on substantial facility projects. This has involved the complete project cycle for greenfield initial site planning, engineering design support, civil/mechanical layout to final construction as-built. We use the latest in positioning technology including robotic total stations for extremely precise design layout and as-built.

  • Topographic site surveys for design purposes
  • Detailed mapping, LiDAR and engineering support
  • Establishment of survey control, benchmarks and monitoring
  • Creation and maintenance of detailed site plans
  • Engineering design layout of civil earthworks, piles, pipe racks, structures and underground utilities
  • Volume measurements and progress reporting
  • Detailed as-built surveys and design verification
  • Development permits
  • Structural monitoring & deformations